Grow your own food at home and
reconnect to what you eat

The more distanced we are from where and how our food is produced, the less we think about how it is grown, and the way it tastes. This distance can be both physical and emotional and results in a loss of knowledge, decreased awareness and sense of community.

At the same time, food has increasingly become a lifestyle and source of connection, and a part of the story we tell about ourselves and each other.

GrOWN is an automated and climate controlled greenhouse for your home. With GrOWN you have the opportunity to playfully connect with your food, through growing your own greens, and sharing this experience with friends and other members of the GrOWN Community.

How does it work

You control your unit through the GrOWN app that you install on your smart device. Here you keep track of what you are growing and have the possibility to modify the growing conditions in order to customise your crops. It works by influencing the plants climate, so they express different phenotypic results such as varying size, texture, color, flavour and more.

Well known chefs partner with us as our Taste Leaders and design dishes around each ingredient that you can grow in your GrOWN greenhouse.

A wide variety of herbs, lettuces, leafy greens, root vegetables and even some fruits can be grown in the greenhouse, which is based on hydroponic growing technology. Seeds are supplied by the service and can be bought through the website.

Grow things for yourself or tap into the GrOWN community of fellow growers and specialists in order to grow, cook and eat together or learn new techniques and recipes from other community members.

The Process

Having researched the classic tradition of urban farming, I found that people participate in urban farming in order to reconnect with the food they eat. At the same time, a lot more are interested reconnecting than are actually participating and being inspired by recent technological approaches to urban farming, such as vertical farming and advanced climate controlled growing I wanted to explore whether technology could enhance or elevate this reconnecting.

So I set myself the design challenge of creating other opportunities for people who are interested in reconnecting with food, and being part of the growing process in order to better understand how it works and the possibility of the produce.

The research and prototyping process included in-depth, field interviews at urban and peri-urban farms, a home growing experiment with a quick-start kit, prototypes of different GUIs and user-flows, user-journey mapping, form-factor testing and more.

Advised by Caroline Arvidsson (IXDS) & Aram Armstrong (IDEO)

TypeProduct Design, Service Design, GUI DesignKeywordsPhysical Computing, arduino, indoor growing, hydroponicsTeamChristopher Bogár