Map your climbing progress
for later and challenge your friends

Part of climbing is about finding the best way to get to the top. It happens through mentally mapping the route and connecting it with the right techniques to advance most efficiently. Usually this happens internally through physical trial and error, but what if you could keep track of your efforts and learn how to climb more efficiently through them?

To The Top is an app for detailing and mapping the climbs you embark on, especially for indoor climbs like bouldering, where technique and positioning is key.

Apart from supplying you with ressources on climbing techniques, it also let’s you connect to fellow climbers and friends, in order to challenge them to solve the different climbs and then compare the solution to your own.

How it works

You take a picture of the wall you’re climbing and then map out the different holds, in order to identify the route. You then move the climbing body and save the different climbing positions.

Afterwards, you can send the route to a friend as a solution or challenge them to solve it themselves by doing their own mapping.


1st iteration was about grabbing a photo and manually mapping the route by hand and adding small notes of text where needed.

2nd iteration was focused on automating the mapping process and implementing the rag doll, in order visually represent each saved climbing position.

Advised by Christian Palino (Facebook), Joshua Dickens (Instagram) and Kristina Varshavskaya (Facebook).

TypeUI/UX DesignKeywordsRapid Prototyping, App, Climbing, Origami StudioTeamChristopher Bogár