Selected examples of Web Design

Web design, logo and identity design conducted for a variety of clients.

The Bottle Boys

Development of a new visual identity, logo and website for the international music act. Working with the keywords playful, boyband, DIY but PRO and quirky but edgy, I designed a easily recognisable logo with a focus on their main instrument and a website where the photos and imagery takes center stage.

Danish Documentary

Acclaimed documentary film production company in need of a website re-design. Keywords were minimalism and less is more while putting the products center stage. I focused on working with the vertical ‘movie poster’ format and having individual colors and icons on the movie pages to make the products be their own universe. Staff pages were kept simple but with a starting quote to promote the individuals vision in movies.

American Friends of The Royal Danish Ballet

Independant, non-profit organisation, supporting the Royal Danish Ballet abroad needed a website for gathering donations. Wanting to be closely linked to the institution of The Royal Danish Ballet, the identity was kept clean but with baroque element and with a focus on colors resembling gold and silver.

TypeWeb Design, UX Design, Graphic Design, Identity and Branding